Logic's undervalued plugins

Logic plugins are often undervalued because they are included in a full package. And we have been accustomed to receive some bonus fillers with full packages.

However, Apple is playing a different game with the Pro applications. You pay them with the hardware, and the software is sold for an incredibly low price. You get great software for a bit of money, if you pay their expensive hardware.

I find the sample content of Logic, like the amp simulators, a bit outdated and weak. On the contrary, most of the synthesizers and effects seem to me among the best. Alchemy has become even better with the inclusion in Logic; they fixed some inconsistency, and added new features. Sculpture is still quite unique, and sounds great. Drummer sounds great, and is an interesting concept.

The new vintage EQ and compressors are on a par with many modeled third-party plugins. And the existing processors, like the Channel and Linear-phase EQ, the Multipressor, or the SpaceDesigner reverb, have never been second-choice.