The London Contemporary Orchestra (LCO)

The London Contemporary Orchestra (LCO) is a chamber orchestra ensemble dedicated to performing new music, which they themselves define as “adventurous”. Born in 2008 and based, as the name implies, in the British capital, they are used to commission new pieces to authors considered heterodox in the world of more traditional contemporary music, authors who live at the border between the sounds of the post-darmstadtian avant-garde and the alternative rock.

Among the authors with whom they collaborated there are historical names of American minimalism, such as Steve Reich and Terry Riley, and celebrated authors of experimental rock, much loved also by cinema directors, such as Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead, or Frank Ocean. With Greenwood and Jed Kurzel they worked on some high-voltage film soundtracks, such as Alien: Covenant, Macbeth, Phantom Thread, Assassins ’Creed, or Suspiria. They were also part of a live installation by the celebrated Israeli designer Ron Arad.

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