The Vienna Synchron Piano Player

The old Vienna Instruments series worked with a dedicated player called Vienna Instruments (also as a Pro version). Recently the Vienna Synchron Player has also been introduced. The pianos rely on a dedicated version of this software, called the Vienna Synchron Piano Player. There is no stand-alone version, since it is only offered as a plugin to be instantiated in a sequencer or scoring program supporting the AU, VST (2 or 3), MAS, or RTAS protocols.


Choosing a the piano in the Vienna Synchron Piano Player.

This software is also one of the first to support Apple's AU3 plugin format. AU3 compatibility becomes especially interesting when using Vienna Ensemble (Pro), a virtual mixer that lets you unbundle virtual instruments from the sequencer, creating a separate sound management system, sort of a dedicated sampler. Vienna Ensemble Pro can also manage shared computing, allowing the use of two other networked computers for sharing CPU power with particularly busy orchestral simulations.

The new Player is well organized, and easy to understand and use. The colors are soft and pleasant, in the same ice blue color (now made more subtle) that has long characterized VSL products. The appearance is very elegant and refined: no strong nerdy colors, no modern antiques icons, no neuromantic imagery. Rather, a continual reference to the dreamy, metallic dystopia of Metropolis, the science-fiction masterpiece by fellow citizen Fritz Lang.

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