Making a list of things to do right on your desktop

Do you end up with a lot of windows or panels open in your computer’s desktop? You are a working freelance, and have a lot of concurrent tasks going on? I know your story!

You are probably dealing with a Getting Things Done (GTD) workflow, and also keep one or more windows of your planner open, just to deal with the fact you have too many windows open. Your computer is protesting, with higher processor and memory consumption.

So, do your organization work right were your work is done – your computer’s desktop. Open a folder on top of one of your categories (Company Texts, Music Composition, Drawings and so on), and name it something like “Thing to do in music”. If you want it on top of the list, add a zero or underscore at the beginning of its name.

Add shortcuts/aliases from the open folders. Close the folders. Open just one of them when you are going to work on it. Close it when done. Leave only the list of aliases always open. Work on your GTD list, one task at a time.